Affiliate Program

1. We offer RevShare affiliate program.

You can earn 40-70% of the casino income.

2. Who can participate in the affiliate program?

Any person who is ready to attract an audience can participate in the affiliate program.

If you have a website, channel, group, chat, stream, video, mailing list or something else and you are ready to attract players, we will be happy to cooperate.

3. How to connect to the affiliate program?

To connect to the affiliate program - just register on our site and write to the Site Support.

4. Benefits of our affiliate program:

- Lifetime income

- High % (40-70) for partners

- A clear formula for calculating profit

- Top game providers

- Effective promotional materials

- Payments twice a month

- Priority technical support of partners

5. How we calculate?

Profit from Players = Player Deposits - Player Withdrawals - Deposit Fees - Withdrawal Fees - Game Provider Fees.

6. What is the size of commissions?

Commissions for deposits from 9 to 11%.

Withdrawal fees from 0 to 3%.

Commissions of game providers from 7 to 14%. Average 11%

7. Calculation example.

The player has replenished the account by 1,000 rubles.

Deposit fee will be 10% * 1000 = 100 rubles.

The player did not draw conclusions and lost everything.

Withdrawals = 0 rubles.

Commission for withdrawals = 0 rubles.

The player made some number of bets, but in the end lost 1,000 rubles.

The difference between bets and winnings was 1,000 rubles.

Game provider's commission will be on average 11% * 1,000 rubles = 110 rubles.

Profit from the player = 1,000 - 100 - 0 - 0 - 110 = 790 rubles.

If your Revshare % is 50%, then you will earn 50% * 790 = 395 rubles.

8. How often do we pay partners?

Payments are made twice a month. After the 15th and after the 1st day of each month.

1st-15th day of each month the first reporting period.

16th-31st day of each month of the second reporting period.

9. Minimum payout?

Minimum payout to partner from $50 or equivalent in other currency.

10. How do we pay remuneration?

There are many ways to pay. We will pay as you wish.

11. Is there a commission for payments to partners?

There is NO commission for affiliate payouts.

12. How can I find out how much I earned?

When you connect to an affiliate program, you get access to a convenient partner's personal account.

It displays detailed statistics:

- Transitions

- Registrations

- Deposits + First deposits

- Conclusions

- Commissions

- Profit

13. Do you deduct bonuses from profits?

NO. We DO NOT deduct bonuses from player profits.

We only take into account the gaming commission from the bonus.

For example, a player received a bonus of 1,000 rubles.

We will not deduct 1,000 rubles from the profit, like other casinos, but only the gaming commission from the bonus.

That is, on average, 11% of 1,000 rubles = 110 rubles.

14. Do you have an Admin Fee?

NO. We do not charge non-transparent commissions from affiliates.

15. Why do players choose your casino?

100 free spins in Razor Shark for registration

+100% first deposit bonus

10% Cashback every Monday

+ Lots of bonuses for leveling up on the site

Bonuses and gifts for players on their birthday

+ Personal bonuses for active players

Competitions and gifts in the telegram and on the site

+ Lots of game mechanics that people love